Our Maggie

I remember the day Maggie strutted into our lives, always the the little diva. Maggie was an amazing pup and how she loved her sister. Today we had to make that hard decision that defines what sucks about being a grown up. It was her time, she was a month shy of 13, but honestly … Continue reading

Graduation Day

**disclaimer, this is some pretty sappy stuff, if you have a weak stomach, or no heart you might want to close this now :) To my sister on her graduation day Today you graduate from high school. Even though we are 22 years apart and have always been in different stages of our lives, my love for you … Continue reading

Shaking the haze

As I wake up this morning and try to shake the haze of our actions yesterday out of my mind I am reminded that I can only control my actions or reactions. I can not and will not ever try to control the actions of others, it is not my place. I can’t imagine someone … Continue reading

Because I’m Lucky

Because I’m Lucky

I have written about my twins many times. I know that people get tired of the same spiel over and over. But when you are passionate about something, really feel it in your soul, you want to shout it from the roof tops. I was late to the baby having party. I had Bella at 36 and … Continue reading

Until Then My Friend

When I sit alone in the quiet my mind wonders to places past, present and future. The other night my mind drifted to a friend, from what feels like a lifetime ago. I hadn’t thought of him in a while, so I wondered why he was weighing so heavily on my heart. This morning a … Continue reading

As if I don’t have enough to do

As if I don’t have enough to do

So a few months back I saw a post over at Caroline’s blog, Busyland, listing 25 things she wanted to accomplish this year. I loved it and thought, hey I will do that too. Well as always, I am a day late and a dollar short on posting mine but I am finally getting around … Continue reading